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    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 6th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 7th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
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President’s Welcome

Dear Visitor to New World Prep:

As President I would like to welcome you to the New World Prep website. In September of 2015 we celebrated our fifth anniversary as a school community. It was a great celebration of how New World Prep has been successful in providing students in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th the opportunity to be challenged and supported to reach their academic, personal and social emotional potential.

As you look through our website you will see that we are a school that just does not offer schooling.  We are a school community that provides a learning environment that supports the needs of our students and their families.  Starting with our Board of Trustees and continuing with the administration, teachers, staff, students and our families we want to foster within all of us a lifelong love of learning and growth.

On this website you will come to know our mission and it provides you with all sorts of information about our school community but it only takes a visit to our campus to see that New World Prep is more then this information.  Visitors immediately see that we provide our students the opportunity to grow and explore in a safe environment surrounded by a faculty, staff and administration who are invested in taking a personal interest in each student’s intellectual and social emotional development.

I hope our website not only provides you with the information you are looking for but it allows you to discover that we offer each child a unique personalized middle school experience. If you need any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact me at efoley@newworldprep.org.

With all best wishes,

Mr. Eugene Foley





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