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    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 6th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 7th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    Ms. Diaro and Nicole
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Our Vision for Raising Academic Achievement for Every Student

New World Preparatory Charter School is set in a neighborhood in close proximity to the Statue of Liberty, NWP is  “a golden door” — a school community where diversity is not just accepted but celebrated. Our school’s design features – academic rigor and relevance, personalization, a focus on professional development, and engaging families and the larger community as critical partners– are specifically targeted toward providing middle school students with the academic, social and emotional foundations to succeed in middle school, high school, college and beyond.

NWP offers a comprehensive curriculum that is research based, that meets and exceeds New York State Learning Standards. Our students benefit from an extended school day with more time on task for mastery of academic subjects. We have a school-wide focus on critical thinking, reading and writing across all content areas to improve the overall academic performance of every student. All students are enrolled in a double block of English Language Arts providing advanced instruction and practice in reading and writing. Additionally, the school supports the state’s goal of reducing the achievement gap by emphasizing the following:

  • Weekly staff development and team meetings for teachers focused on teaching and learning using analysis of lessons, assessments, and student work.
  • An innovative traditional liberal arts curriculum that emphasizes student understanding, inquiry, and literacy.
  • Tutoring to ensure student achievement.
  • A climate of high expectations and a strong academic culture.
  • Use of researched based resources to enhance teaching and learning.
  • A focus on personalization of instruction.

New World Preparatory Charter School provides an environment where students are continually encouraged and empowered to develop a greater sense of confidence and self-worth through self-sufficiency and a sense of pride in their academic accomplishments. The school fosters a culture of high academic performance in an environment that encourages risk-taking, the art of questioning and logical and critical thinking. Graduates will be stimulated to enjoy lifelong intellectual curiosity and dedication to continued learning. The school encourages the involvement of community, family and other institutions to share responsibility for encouraging young people to develop both scholars and citizens.

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