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    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 8th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 6th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    3rd Quarter 7th Grade Honor Roll Assembly
    Ms. Diaro and Nicole
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About New World Preparatory

New World Preparatory

New World Preparatory (NWP) opened its doors in September 2010.  At full capacity, the school will house 375 sixth through eighth grade students.  NWP’s student body will reflect the community’s rich cultural diversity, one that includes a high recent immigrant population.

Located on Staten Island’s north shore, NWP is a charter middle school that celebrates diversity and is committed to teaching tolerance.  The school’s key design elements include: academic rigor and relevance; personalization; strong professional development; and engaging families and the larger school community as critical partners.

NWP will provide students with a curriculum weighted in English Language Arts and reinforced language arts skills in all of the traditional core subjects – social studies, English Language Arts, math, and science.  The school will have a directed focus on Civic Leadership and Social Justice, emphasizing the importance of improving community life, seeking justice for all peoples and caring for one another.  The school’s academic program will also include Spanish, health, physical education, consumer sciences, career development and occupational sciences and the arts.  NWP will provide structured time to support the social and emotional needs of each student.  Students in all grades will participate in an advisory program that will further develop adult-student relationships to support learning and emotional development.  Each student will be assigned a single teacher to serve as their advisor, with each teacher responsible for a core group of students.

7th Grade Math Spring Break / FNO Project – Ms. Gleason and Mrs. Favale

Please complete 15 multiple choice questions from the test booklet pages 44 – 49. The answers should also be bubbled in on the grade cam answer key, but all work must be shown in the booklet. All assignments are due on April 19, 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Spring Break Assignment 2017 <– click here for assignment


Have a safe and enjoyable break!

Quarter 3 FNO Project: Technology “Digital Citizenship”


6TH, 7TH 8TH

GRADE TECHNOLOGY                                       

Woodly Aurelus

Digital Citizenship FNO

Direction: Fill in the blank with the appropriate conjunction but, so, however and because

  • Choose a search engine of your choice (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to research this topic.


  • Open Microsoft Word, and start a blank document


  • Answer the five questions bellow according to the Hackman formatting style


  • Make sure your report include the following:
  • A heading
  • A Title
  • Answer the five questions bellow
  • A photograph inserted



  • Submit finished work no later than 4/19/2017.

Digital Citizenship

Direction: Complete the following sentence below with the appropriate conjunction but, so, however and because


Digital Citizenship mean a lot to a lot of students, however______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Good Digital Citizen is a great model to follow, but____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Good Digital Citizen is important, because______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Good Digital Citizen is great/but



Good Digital Citizen relate to media, so__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________