About New World Prepatory

New World Preparatory

New World Preparatory (NWP) opened its doors in September 2010.  At full capacity, the school will house 375 sixth through eighth grade students.  NWP’s student body will reflect the community’s rich cultural diversity, one that includes a high recent immigrant population.

Located on Staten Island’s north shore, NWP is a charter middle school that celebrates diversity and is committed to teaching tolerance.  The school’s key design elements include: academic rigor and relevance; personalization; strong professional development; and engaging families and the larger school community as critical partners.

NWP will provide students with a curriculum weighted in English Language Arts and reinforced language arts skills in all of the traditional core subjects – social studies, English Language Arts, math, and science.  The school will have a directed focus on Civic Leadership and Social Justice, emphasizing the importance of improving community life, seeking justice for all peoples and caring for one another.  The school’s academic program will also include Spanish, health, physical education, consumer sciences, career development and occupational sciences and the arts.  NWP will provide structured time to support the social and emotional needs of each student.  Students in all grades will participate in an advisory program that will further develop adult-student relationships to support learning and emotional development.  Each student will be assigned a single teacher to serve as their advisor, with each teacher responsible for a core group of students.

Weather Advisory- SCHOOL CLOSED January 27th

New World Prep will be CLOSED on Tuesday, January 27th. We plan to open on Wednesday as scheduled, but this is subject to NYCDOE announcements.

Board of Trustees Meeting CANCELLED January 26th

The Board of Trustees Meeting for Monday, January 26th, has been cancelled.

Math HW 802 Whole Class and Small Group 1/26 -1/30

Whole Class 802

Will receive a variety of handouts via Ms. Golberg and Mrs. Lazimi. Extra copies can be found in the back of the classroom in the Yellow Folder for Whole Class 802 HWs.


Small Group 802

Monday:  Today’s Partner Practice will be Tonight’s HW See Above Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.06.13 PM

Tuesday: Snow Day. No HW Given. Enjoy the Fresh Beautiful Snow!

Wednesday: HW Attached to Todays Plan See AboveScreen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.06.53 PM

Thursday: Hw Attached to Todays Plan See Above Quiz Friday Study. hw 1.28

Friday: Hw Attached to Todays Plan See Above Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 7.13.43 PM

Extra copies can be found in the back of the classroom in the Red Folder for Small Group 802 HWs

8th Grade Math Homework 1.26.15 (801&803)


804 Homework: Monday 1/26/15

Homework (7.9) 1.26.15

Snow Day Protocol

Snow Day Protocol

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In the event of severe weather, New World Preparatory Charter School follows the direction of the New York Department of Education. These announcements will be broadcasted on the television or on their website.

Here are other ways you can check whether school is open or closed:

  • Call the New World Preparatory Charter School. We will update the outgoing message if school is closed.
  • Check the website: newworldprep.org. We will add a message to the website if the school is closed.
  • School Messenger: You may receive an automated telephone message informing you of school closure.

In the event of a heavy mid-day snowfall, we may cancel after school classes. Early dismissal situations like this will be communicated directly to parents by the school, usually via school messenger. If you have any questions during the school day call (718) 705-8990.




Jamie V. Esperon


Protocolo Día Nevado

Estimados Padres y Apoderados:


En caso de mal tiempo, New World Prep Charter School acata las directrices del Departamento de Educación de Nueva York.Estos anuncios se emitirán por la televisión o se encontrarán en nuestro sitioweb.

En el presente documento encontrará otras maneras por las que usted puede comprobar si la escuela está abierta o cerrada en dicho caso:

  • Llame a New World Prep Charter School. Actualizaremos el mensaje saliente de correo en caso la escuela esté cerrada.
  • Visite el sitio web: newworldprep.org. Vamos a añadir un mensaje a la página web en caso la escuela esté cerrada.
  • Servicio de Mensajero Telefónico Escolar: Puede recibir un mensaje telefónico automatizado que le informará acerca del cierre de la escuela.

En el caso de una fuerte nevada durante el día, pudieramos cancelar los programas y actividades después del horario escolar.En situaciones como éstas, nos comunicaremos directamente con los padres de familia, por lo general a través del servicio de mensajería telefónica de la escuela.En caso, que Ud. tenga alguna inquietud durante un día de clases en relación al mal tiempo, favor de llamar al (718) 705-8990.




Jamie V. Esperon


6th grade ELA Maloney/Klingle/Deluca

All homework is due 1/30/15

Monday 1/26/15

Reading: Read “Archaeologists Hit a Homer Run” and multiple-choice questions.

Writing: Short-response questions based on reading.

Tuesday 1/27/15

Reading: Read “Aunt Melba” and multiple-choice questions

Writing: Short response questions based on reading.

Wednesday 1/28/15

Reading: Read “Big Burger Battle” and complete the multiple-choice questions.

Writing: Short-response questions based on reading.

Thursday 1/29/15

Reading: Read “Presidents Come Alive” and answer the multiple-choice questions.

Writing: Short-response questions based on reading

Homework 1.26 Scala

Read pages 187-195 of The Book Thief.


  1. Who is the Jewish fist fighter? Why is he called that?
  2. Where is Max on the “Night of Broken Glass”?
  3. What is the Nuremburg Law? How might this propel the action in the novel?
  4. What is Death’s reaction to Max saying “When death captures me […], he will feel my fist on his face”?

1.26.15 8th grade ELA Barry Cohen

Click link to download the homework pack: Part 4 Homework

7th Grade Social Studies- Mr. Rucker

Monday 1/26- Review notes

Tuesday 1/27- Review DOK Chart and write two level 2 DOK questions based on what you learned in social studies

Wednesday 1/28- Review DOK Chart and write two DOK level 3 or 4 questions based on what you learned in social studies

Thursday 1/29- Review notes

Friday 1/30- Review notes